Raymond Mill

Raymond mill applies a Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3, a variety of mineral powder preparation, coal preparation of non-inflammable and humidity below 6%, such as powder processing raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. From the shape look like a steel container to erect, with inlet, outlet, have a central feed port. The lower part of the mill with a motor driven internal grinding disc rotation will need to stick with the grinding material crushing or grinding through the air inlet wind blowing the finished material, inside the upper part of the mill with a separator, the thickness of the powder can be separated and then via through mill the wind machine out from the outlet to collect.

Raymond Mill - Mechanical Structures

Raymond Mill mainly by the host, analysis machine, blower, finished cyclone, plumbing fixtures, electrical and other components. Wherein the host from the rack, inlet volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, casing and motor. Auxiliary equipment jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, cabinet, etc., the user flexibility to choose according to the site.

  • 1, the machine is a vertical structure, small footprint, systematic, from raw materials to delivery to the rough milling and final packaging, self-contained independent production system.
  • 2, Compared with other milling equipment, through screening rate of 99%.
  • 3, Raymond Mill host gears and pulleys using sealed gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation.
  • 4, Raymond Mill important parts are made of high quality castings and profiles manufacturing, sophisticated technology, rigorous process to ensure the durability of the equipment package.
  • 5, the electrical system with centralized control, no one can achieve the basic milling plant operation and maintenance.

Raymond Mill Working Principle

Raymond Mill will crush large lumps of raw materials to the required feed size, by the bucket elevator to transport materials to storage silos, and then by the electromagnetic feeder sent to the host grinding chamber, into the grinding chamber in the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring grinding powder will post analysis by the fan airflow to the air classifier to achieve the required fineness powder with the air into the treatment administered to send large cyclone collector, separated collection , and then the unloader discharge is finished.

Reabsorption by the blower airflow gyrotron large cyclone collector on. The whole machine is closed loop gas flow system and is under negative pressure circulating. Due to be ground in a certain moisture content of the material generated during grinding in the mill interior heat Mill fear caused by indoor air flow changes the gas evaporated, and the whole of each pipe joints are not sealed, ambient air is not sucked, so that air circulation flow increase for this to achieve balance by adjusting the air flow over the fan duct and the host, pay the excess gas into the inner fear of small cyclone collector, the powder into the gas collecting child more than down, and finally by a small residual gas again the cyclone collector exhaust pipe into the atmosphere or gas is introduced into the dust collector purification.

Host work process equipment driven by the central shaft through mass support, the upper end of the shaft is connected to plum racks, shelves equipped with roller legal education means formation swing fulcrum, not only around the central roundabout, while grinding the same time around the grinding ring revolution rolls roller blade and turn the course of the same material shovel throw feed roller, grinding ring between the formation of litter layer, the material layer by the rotation of the roller outward centrifugal force (ie, pressing force) the material is crushed , so as to achieve the purpose flour.

Analysis by machine and by two slow speed motor driven blades on the turntable rotates, the role of forming a graded powder promoter. Blade speed according to the speed is finished powder particle size can be adjusted. When To obtain finer particles, it is necessary to improving the rotational speed of the blades, so that leaves increased contact with the powder will make undesirable the powder will be thrown to the outer wall of the air flow from the blade, coarse particles due to the action of gravity from falling into the grinding chamber re-grinding, qualified powder into the mouth of the child by a large blade with the air suction cyclone collector, rear air flow and the powder will be separated, the powder will be collected, a large cyclone collector performance mill plays a very important role when pinkish airflow into the collector when the high-speed rotation state, until the gas stream with the powder will separate after gas stream with the powder will separate airflow with cone wall contraction to the center moved to the conical bottom time (since airflow natural length) to form a rotating updraft column, then the powder will be collected.

Since the core of the upward rotating air current state of negative pressure, so the lower seal collector demanding, must be strictly separated from the outside air, otherwise the powder will be collected under the core stream will be taken away again, which directly affect the whole of tongue plate production, so the collector with the bottom lock powder device, its role is to collect ambient gas under positive pressure and negative pressure to isolate the gas, which is a very important component, such as a powder or no locks on the lock powder seal lax agreement will cause no powder or less flour, affecting the whole production.

Raymond Mill Affect Production Capacity Factors:

Raymond Mill factors affect production capacity are many:

  • 1, the hardness of the material. Harder material Raymond mill it more difficult and more serious wear and tear on equipment. Raymond Mill is slow, of course, Raymond mill capacity is small.
  • 2, the humidity of materials, that is, the material contained in the water is large, the material is easy to adhere to the Raymond mill content, easy the next material handling process blocked, resulting in Raymond mill capacity is reduced.
  • 3, After Raymond mill fineness of materials, fine high requirements, which called Raymond mill out the finer material, the smaller the Raymond mill capacity.
  • 4, Material composition, Raymond mill before the material containing the powder in the more influence the Raymond mill, because the adherence of these fines is easy to transport. For more fines content should advance once sieve.
  • 5, Viscosity materials. Viscosity and the material, the more likely adhesion.
  • 6, Raymond mill parts (hammer, jaw), the better the wear resistance of the greater ability of Raymond mill, if you do not wear, will affect the ability of Raymond mill.

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